Youth beyondblue

Youthbeyondblue aims to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety and associated drug and alcohol problems among young people - and where to get help. Depression and anxiety in young people are common. Around one in five adolescents experience a depressive disorder by age 18. Around one in 16 people aged 15 to 24 have depression and one in six have anxiety. These are common illnesses for which a range of effective treatments are available. Youthbeyondblue encourages family and friends to LOOK for the signs of depression, LISTEN to friends' experiences, TALK about what's going on and SEEK HELP together. The Youthbeyondblue website - contains stacks of information for people aged 12-25 and their friends and parents, including video clips and downloads and 23 fact sheets on everything from depression and anxiety to alcohol, drugs, bullying and eating disorders. It even has advice on effective study, getting a good night's sleep and managing stress and a forum where young people can share their thoughts and feelings with others.